Polaris Research & Development, Inc.


Current National, State and Local Projects

Evaluation of the Comprehensive Plan of the Tobacco Free Project of San Francisco

Evaluation of Phase I of The California Lavender Smokefree Project

Evaluation of the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention Funded Community Partnership Program of Contra Costa County

Evaluation of the Homeless Outreach Program of the San Francisco Travelers Aid Society

Evaluation of the Museum Collections Accessibility Initiative of the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund

Evaluation of the Arts Partners Program of the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund

Evaluation of the Juvenile Dispute Settlement Project of the San Francisco Community Boards Program

Evaluation of the SNAP And In-Touch Projects of the Black Adoption Placement Research Center.

Past Local Projects in Evaluation and Research

Evaluation of California State Funded AIDS Education and Prevention Programs

Evaluation of District of Columbia AIDS Demonstration Program

Evaluation of the Marin County Child Sexual Abuse Treatment Program (CSATP)

Child Health Information and Referral Project Evaluation

Evaluation of Special, Intensive Probation Units of Contra Costa County, and Follow-up Evaluation of Intensive Probation Supervision for Violent Offenders During the Transition from Adolescence to Early Adulthood

GAIN Project Planning for the San Joaquin Valley

Solano County Health Systems Needs Assessment and Evaluation

Evaluation of the Sexual Assault Resource Center oF San Francisco

Wisconsin Public Defender Evaluation

Evaluation, Planning and Training for the Wisconsin Council on Criminal Justice's Comprehensive Offender Program Effort (Juvenile Probation)

Child Monitoring Unit Evaluation

Evaluation of the Intensive Services to Families at Risk

Evaluation of the California School of Professional Psychology Grantsmanship Program

Past National Projects

Evaluation of the DOL Veterans Employment and Training Program

Evaluation of Automated Case Management System of the U.S. Trustees of the US Department of Justice

National Evaluation of the Violent Juvenile Offender Research and Development Program

A National Needs Assessment of the Availability of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care Services to Developmentally Disabled and Learning Disabled Clients

Evaluation of the Indian and Native American Department of Labor Employment and Training Program

Evaluation of the National Institute of Health funded Healthy Older People Public Education Campaign

Department of Health and Human Services Child Health Information and Referral Project Evaluation

Evaluation of the Title VII Community Economic Development Impact Program

Evaluation of the National Institute of Justice-funded Program Field Test of Early Representation by Defense Counsel

Evaluation and Assistance to the Community Network for Early Intervention with Homeless Youth and Juvenile Prostitutes

Evaluation of Family Planning Services for Teenagers

Evaluation of Experimental Programs in Appropriate Technology

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