We used to pick it - now they want us to smoke it!


This month: Heads up! SFAATFP wants to recognize youth for the hard work they do in our community.
March 20, 1997 / Volume 3 San Francisco African American Tobacco Free Project

The Sports Image Awards

On Saturday, February 15th, the Sports Image Foundation honored athletes who are not only champions on the fields and courts, but in their communities as well. The 3rd Annual Sports Image Awards, which was founded by KGO's Martin Wyatt, took place at the Herbst Theater in San Francisco. Danny Glover hosted the event and several well-known performers and sports greats entertained the audience and honorees. Mayor Willie Brown delighted the crowd when he appeared disguised as the Phantom of the Opera. Jerry Rice, Jennifer Azzi, Willie Mays, Jair Lynch Emanuel Stewart, and Mali'Vai Washington received awards this year. They were recognized as top athletes who demonstrate through public works, a sense of responsibility and concern for the cities in which they work and reside.

Most athletes honored by the Sports Image Foundation are especially active with the youth in their communities, serving as mentors and role models. In turn, the members of the Alice Griffith Boys and Girls Club gave their own unique symbols of recognition to the honorees. The representatives of the Boys and Girls Club pinned celebrities and attendees with ribbons of Kente cloth, hoping to spread the commitment among African Americans to live longer and healthier lives in smoke free homes.

The youth met celebrities and entertainers, such as Willie Mays, Bill Walsh, Danny Glover, and Rev. Cecil Williams, at the VIP reception. The young people were not the only ones to consider themselves lucky to be in such important company. Many of the celebrities acknowledged the powerful potential of the youngsters and felt honored to meet those whom they are sure will be future leaders.

Surfing the Internet

The 21st century is fast approaching and its apparent that the World Wide Web and the Internet have become an important influence in our society. The uses of the Internet are constantly expanding; it has become a means of advertising goods and services, paying bills, and making travel arrangements. Many of us can work from our home computers. SFAATFP and the Computer Training Center in Bayview are offering hands-on training to youth on how to "surf" the net and communicate through email. Training will take place on April 11th, between 3:30-5:00 p.m. in Bayview-Hunter's Point. Enrollment is limited to 10 people and those who attend will receive a stipend of $10.00. To enroll, please contact Lisa Manning at (415) 777-3229.


Are you a young person helping to rid your community of the Tobacco industry? If so, you may be eligible to become our Advocate of the Month. We are honoring youth who:

  • have taken merchant surveys
  • participated in group activities at their youth club or center
  • volunteer for anti-smoking activities
  • encourage family and friends to stop smoking

    Winners receive:

  • stipend of $20.00
  • tickets to the movies
  • name and picture on our website

    You may nominate yourself, or someone in your community may nominate you by completing our Advocate of the Month Application Form by March 28. Please contact Lisa Manning at (415) 777-3229.

  • SFAATFP in Africa

    From Carol McGruder
    Project Director

    This December I had the wonderful opportunity to take our San Francisco African American Tobacco Free Project on the road, big time. We have formed an international alliance with a sister agency in Dakar, Senegal--a country in West Africa- The name of our sister agency is MAT, which stands for Mouvement Anti-Tabac. In English, this translates to the Anti-Tobacco Movement.

    MAT was very excited to hear that we wanted to link with them to exchange information and encourage each other. As countries like the United States enforce stricter and stricter miles on cigarettes and tobacco, the Tobacco Industry puts more energy and resources into cultivating and selling their deadly products in African countries with less stringent, laws. Our project must think globally and act locally.

    While in Dakar, I also did a presentation at Lycee Blaise Diagne, a high school. In next month's newsletter we will give you information on how you can participate in our international SFAATFP pen pal club.