February Special

Black History Month Quiz

February is the month in which we take some extra time to celebrate the lives of African-Americans from this nation's past.

How well do you know your history? Take this quiz and find out.

You just might learn something!

1. What baseball player was the first African American in the major leagues, signing with the Brooklyn Dodgers in 1945? ANSWER
2. What African American female was the first to have her own nationally syndicated talk show? ANSWER
3. What famous author and scholar was one of the founders of the N.A.A.C.P. and wrote "The Souls of Black Folk"? ANSWER
4. Martin Luther King, Jr. was the youngest African American to win a Nobel Peace Prize. Who was the first? ANSWER
5. What rap artist starred in the motion picture "Set It Off"? ANSWER
6. In what year did the Montgomery Bus Boycott begin: 1955, 1965, or 1975? ANSWER
7. The television sitcom "Moesha" stars what Top 40 singer? ANSWER
8. What famous African American invented the Traffic Signal? ANSWER
9. Muhammad Ali was the first person to win the heavyweight title three times. Who was the second? ANSWER
10. What young African-American songwriter produced the soundtracks for such films as "Waiting to Exhale" and "Set It Off"? ANSWER